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The Brave and the Brilliant

About Event

TED2024: The Brave and the Brilliant will explore the unique challenges and opportunities we face during an era driven by the astonishing revolution in technology. We Are Entering An Era Of Unique Challenges And Opportunities, Driven By The Astonishing Revolution In Technology. To thrive, we humans will have to raise our game. We must figure out the best forms of collaboration with AI and confidently reassert the values that truly, deeply matter.

TED 2024 is a celebration of a future worth having and those leading the way with creativity, ingenuity, courage, wisdom and generosity.

TED2024 is more than just a conference; it represents a celebration of a future worth experiencing. With TEDxCivillinesLive is unique platform, presented with an extraordinary opportunity to share and learn from one another, creating a friendly and collaborative environment where ideas are nurtured and innovation thrives.