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Rahul Kale

Entrepreneur, Social Service Mentor.

Topic : Navigating the New Reality & Building Resilience

Rahul has an MBA from HEC, Paris and is a partner at PLRS, the franchisee for Tanishq Jewelry. They have two stores in Nagpur: Kingsway (est. 2001) and Shraddhanandpeth (est. 2012). Both stores excel in customer satisfaction and performance and are trusted by customers in Nagpur & Vidarbha.Rahul is also the Director of Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd., an R&D lab and manufacturer of Ayurvedic beauty & wellness products. Iraya, their brand, was launched in 2006 and was purchased by the Future Consumer Group in 2018. Today, Sadatan manufactures and Exports Ayurvedic and Skin Care products for consumers across the world. He is involved with the Chitnavis Trust, in the capacity of Trustee, which runs the Chitnavis Centre. The Trust conducts a number of charitable activities. His focus is on skill development activities especially for disadvantaged & specially abled youth. The Trust has recently launched a number of initiatives to start job-oriented and micro entrepreneurship courses.

TedxCivilLines Speakers

Vishnu Manohar

Chef and Entrepreneur

Link :

Topic : From Recipes to Records: A Culinary Journey

Chef Vishnu Manohar is a Gourmet Chef and Entrepreneur of restaurants worldwide named VISHNU JI KI RASOI, SAVOJI, MAHAK, ROTI SHOTI AUR KABAB. He has his own YouTube Channel 'MASTEER RECIPES'. Chef Vishnuji has written and published over 52 cookery books and a book for Govt Of Maharashtra's 'Maharashtrachi Khadya Sanskriti'. He was a Committee member of Food Corporation of India. He hosted the cookery show Mejwani Paripoorna Kitchen on ETV Channel for 14 years. Currently, he is a Committee member for Govt of Maharashtra Mid Day meal - Shaley Poshan Aahar and a Jury member for Annapoorna Awards by Govt of Maharashtra. He has acquired 17 world records in India, including Largest Veg Kabab, Paratha, Puranpoli, and a 52-hour Non-Stop Cooking Marathon, among others.

TedxCivilLines Speakers

Shiwalee Deshpande

Secretary Prahar Samaj Jagruti Santha

Topic : A life of service: Air Force to Social Service

A passionate journey unfolds in the life of a resilient Shiwalee, echoing the cadence of discipline instilled during National Cadet Corps (NCC) days. With a dedicated five-year stint in the Indian Air Force, the transition to social service marked a shift in purpose. Navigating life's challenges alone, post-father's passing, became a transformative process, leading to the establishment of Prahar Military School. Today, Prahar Samaj Jagruti Sanstha stands as a testament to unwavering dedication, blending creativity, discipline, and commitment to social service.

TedxCivilLines Speakers

Dr. Bahar Baviskar -

President and Wildlife Veterinarian, Society for Wildlife Conservation, Education and Research (Wild-CER)

Topic : Wildlife Wonders: A Journey of Conservation Wisdom

Dr. Bahar Baviskar, is a wildlife veterinarian with over 20 years of experience in the field of wildlife conservation. In addition to his profession, he also is an enthusiastic researcher and a passionate writer. Above all, he embrace the idea of being a humble and ordinary human being in his daily life.

He is also a writer by choice, and he embrace his identity as a simple human being. He invite viewers to join him in discovering the journey of wildlife and various other aspects of life. The person believes that wildlife, music, sports, and spirituality are the four essential pillars of life, and they encourage everyone to enjoy and appreciate the life at its best.

TedxCivilLines Speakers

Dr. Sanjeev Chaudhary

Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Topic : Bones, Breakthroughs, and Beyond

Dr Sanjeev Chaudhary eminent orthopaedic surgeon and working as chief consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Chaudhary hospital and post graduate institute of orthopaedic. Started his professional career as registrar, assistant professor and associate professor of orthopaedic at GMC nagpur. Started own orthopaedic setup in 1994. Performed more than 50,000 sugeries till date. Launched a novel project called HEATCO. Intensive work in the field of osteoporosis. Performed numerous camps across the country and abroad for screening of osteoporosis.

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Ram Khandwe

President, Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, Nagpur

Link : https://jsyog.org/amrutkan/

Topic : Mastering Change: Yoga's Adaptive Art Unleashed

Ram Khandwe has dedicated his life to Yoga, trained countless teachers, and designed comprehensive courses. He has selflessly contributed all his spare time to spreading the message of Yoga since 1982. Under his guidance, the Yogabhyasi Mandal has thrived and expanded. The courses are available year-round for individuals to benefit from.

TedxCivilLines Speakers

Kushal Ramrao Dhak

Social Activist and Educator

Topic : Dreamer's Fight: Empowering Marginalized Youth with Dignity

Kushal Dhak is a one man army fighting against all odds to bring his dream come true. His dream of making the future generation of various marginalised society like Mang Garodis, the street urchins and others aware of their right to live a dignified life. It is easier said than done. With his creative ideas, persistence in his point of view to educate the new generation and unwavering faith in his belief, Kushal is successful in making these people, though minuscule today, realise about self-respect and being wanted and needed in the society and pull them away from all the vices.